Crafting is a beautiful way to bond with your child while nurturing their creativity. And what’s better than creating a piece of art that can be worn? Enter the Noodle Necklace—a colorful, fun, and easy-to-make accessory that can be tailored to match any outfit or mood. Let’s dive into a bowl of pasta and fashion!

Materials You’ll Need:

1. A variety of pasta shapes (penne, rigatoni, and macaroni work best)

2. Yarn or string (about 24 inches in length for each necklace)

3. Paints (acrylic or watercolor) and brushes

4. Glitter, sequins, or beads (optional for extra sparkle!)

5. A plastic needle (safer for young children)

6. A paper plate or paint tray

7. Clear sealant spray (to protect the painted pasta)

Steps to Craft the Perfect Pasta Necklace:

1. Pasta Preparation: Lay out your chosen pasta shapes on a paper plate or tray. This will make it easier for kids to paint.
Noodle Necklace - set up

2. Unleash the Colors!: Allow your child to paint each piece of pasta in their favorite colors. They can make patterns, paint them solidly, or even try their hand at gradients. If they’re feeling particularly festive, a sprinkle of glitter or sequins while the paint is still wet can add an extra touch of magic.
Noodle Necklace - Painting

3. Drying Time: Once your pasta pieces are painted and decorated to perfection, set them aside to dry completely. This can take anywhere from a few hours to overnight, depending on the type and amount of paint used.
Noodle Necklace - drying

4. Seal the Deal: To ensure that the paint on your pasta doesn’t chip or fade, give each piece a light coat of clear sealant spray. Let them dry for the recommended time as per the spray’s instructions.
Noodle Necklace - sealing

5. String Them Up: Once your painted pasta pieces are dry and sealed, it’s time to string them up! Cut the yarn or string to the desired length, and using the plastic needle, thread each pasta piece onto it. Kids can decide on a pattern or go wild with a random design—whatever tickles their creative fancy!
Noodle Necklace - stringing

6. Tie It Off: When your child is satisfied with their necklace design, tie both ends of the string together in a secure knot. You can either make a loop and knot for wearing ease or simply tie the ends together.
Noodle Necklace - Tie it up

7. Strike a Pose: Now comes the most exciting part! Let your child wear their masterpiece proudly, showing off their creativity and unique style to friends and family.
wear the necklace!

Tips & Tricks:

Choose Whole Grain: For a natural, earthy look, consider using whole grain or brown pasta.

Mix & Match: Don’t limit yourself to just one type of pasta. Mix and match to create a variety of textures and styles.

Gift Idea: Pasta necklaces can be a unique, handmade gift that kids can give to friends or family members.

There you have it!—a simple, engaging, and colorful project that keeps your kids entertained and allows them to express their creativity. Whether they’re proudly wearing their pasta necklace to school or gifting it to a beloved grandparent, the joy of crafting together is an experience both of you will cherish. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get noodling!

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